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Innovators. Dreamers.

We are innovators on a mission to make medicines more targeted and accessible to patient communities through the power of global data and advanced analytics.

Witnessing Dr. James D. Watson share his thoughts about the initiation of the Human Genome Project in the summer of 1991, the era of precision medicine and more specifically precision oncology seemed just within reach for one of the founding members of Citadel Precision Medicine. Thirty years later, global researchers, have made significant progress but are yet to harness the full potential of genomics in medicine.

Several projects, such as the 1000 Genomes Project, have attempted to catalogue the spectrum of genetic variation among the human population. Today, we also have access to large amounts of real-world, multi-dimensional and scientific data, amenable to advanced analytics and risk-assessment strategies. It is this promise of Pharmacogenomic-based therapies which lead to the incorporation of Citadel Precision Medicine.

We at Citadel Precision Medicine are creating data environments for deep analytics, empowered by AI. The power of machine learning algorithms when combined with novel foundational knowledge bases, enables AI knowledge management , a strategic process where an organization creates value from intangible assets. Another key driver for the formation of Citadel Precision Medicine are the Health inequities which persist in global communities. We endeavor to create content and strategy to address global health inequities with an aim to synchronize the Life sciences sector with the Pharma and Healthcare industries.

Connect with us today to explore the hidden possibilities of design and delivery of targeted medications to patients who can benefit most from an in-depth Pharmacogenomic analysis of chronic, debilitating conditions.